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Allow customer or deployment engineer to specify their own definition for startup in capability/startup analysis

Allow customer or deployment engineer to specify their own definition for startup. For the beginning of a start, the user can choose 1) GT rolling, or 2) GT Sync, or 3) others as the beginning of a start. For the end of a start, the user can have an option to choose different load to reflect one of the scenarios of 1) ST in IPC mode, or 2) steam bypass valve closed, or 3) GT in ECM, or 4) full load reached (for example Ostiglia case). 

In OE, displaying the selected startup profiles is a very useful feature. However, this feature seems not working properly in OE. Hope this feature is kept and enhanced in OOv2 product.

  • Wei Zhou
  • Sep 7 2017
  • Will not implement
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    David Humphrey commented
    October 3, 2017 20:09

    Allowing the user to define startup minimizes the value of the KPI and jeopardizes the ability to compare start times between plants in the fleet and compare start time/fuel across the industry.