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Desalination Polishing Plants Financial Analysis

All power plants (rankine cycle based) need a desalination, polishing plant to treat the water that is going to be used in the steam loop as it has to be of certain quality. By including a calculation tab with the following inputs:

  1. Scale inhibitor dosing rate (ppm) & cost ($/tonne)
  2. Sulfuric acid dosing rate (ppm)  & cost ($/tonne)
  3. Caustic soda dosing (ppm) & cost ($/tonne)
  4. Chlorine rate dosing (ppm) & cost ($/tonne)
  5. Other O&M cost per unit of produced water
  6. Treatment power consumption (kWh/tonne)

the client will be able to:

  1. Identify the cost of operating the plant and optimize it
  2. Identify when is the best time to replenish the consumables 
  3. Optimise the consumables delivery approach
  4. Manage efficiently his warehouse
  5. etc

Usually these costs are neglected but in the long run they will sum up to a significant saving for the client. Implementation time on the other hand for such a script is insignificant.

  • Konstantinos Vardakastanis
  • Sep 12 2017
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