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Natural Gas, GTs & Analytics

This idea targets LNG terminals and storage facilities of Natural Gas. The gas is stored in pressures of up to 170 bar and in order to be utilized has to have its pressure reduced down to let’s say 50 bar. The reverse process includes a series of valves that destroy the energy, and a series of heaters that are being used to heat up the NG (because of Joule Thomson effect). This is a very inefficient process … which can take advantage of:


In order to bring the asset to the 21st century, increase the performance and digitalize it we can:

  • Include a Gas Expanderto utilize the energy being lost in the letdown valves
  • Replace the heaters with a heat exchanger that will be fed by a Gas Turbinewhich at the same time will produce power to be utilized internally in the plant.
  • The whole process will be optimized through a Software Analyticthat will couple the NG demand with the operation of the GT, the internal consumption in the plant etc.


I think the aforementioned concept it is a no brainer :

  • I am not aware of any solution in the market that combines all of the above
  • Can be easily marketed
  • The concept provides multiple benefits for many business units in GE
  • At the same time efficiencies can be expected up to 58% which are at the same level of a class F GT technology
  • Definitely we have the in-house tools and experience to investigate it further and support sales initiatives


Idea: Combine Gas Expanders, GTs, Analytics to optimize efficiency of LNG terminals, NG storage facilities etc


  • Konstantinos Vardakastanis
  • Sep 12 2017
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