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Cybersecurity & Blockchains

Meanwhile, as the grid goes digital and because of the IoT, new challenges have arisen such as cybersecurity.

One of the most important tools to maintain the robustness of an integrated energy systems of the future lies in Blockchains. Blockchain is the term for the infrastructure that relies on a distributed ledger of transactions within a network. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin use blockchain as the underlying protocol to ensure financial transactions.

The Harvard Business Review recently noted that blockchain “could offer a reliable, low-cost way for financial or operational transactions to be recorded and validated across a distributed network with no central point of authority.” It is evident that Blockchain is gaining momentum, is already a trusted way of transaction and it can revolutionary the way consumers and providers cooperate eliminating the middleman.

Idea: Develop cybersecurity applications for our analytical demand-side management (DSM) methods based on blockchain protocols. Faster, more secure, cheaper.

  • Konstantinos Vardakastanis
  • Sep 12 2017
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