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Tie a Service Now Case to a Case in APM

Customer wanted to know if there could be a way to tie a Service Now Case entered by Customer or CSL to a Case in APM. This would allow for everyone related to the APM Case to realize a Service Now Case is in the system. The value would be (i.e During a regional customer asset manager meeting with plant manager, the Asset manager sometimes ask why an APM Case is not being tracked by the customer plant manager. The plant manager then has to explain to the asset manager the case is being tracked but in Service now. If the cases were tied. The Asset Manager would have line of site to that fact. 

  • Donald Christensen
  • Sep 28 2017
Type of request Enhancement
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  • Galen Johnson commented
    January 22, 2018 18:18

    This is an interesting use case, Don. Could you explain which ServiceNow instance/system the customer and CSLs are using? Also, are these customers using the Power M&D tenant, or are they using their own APM tenant?

    We currently have ServiceNow Integration for Cases in Power Services RM&D, but that is only for the Power M&D tenant in APM.