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Duke EwardSports - Allow user to default all applications to alias tag view.

Feature benefit:

Version 2.8 allows a user to select “Tag Alias” within the “Analysis” screens. This feature allows the customer to see Alias tags when view or building analysis templates, expand the same capabilities to the entire system. A global “alias tag button” should be configurable for each individual user, and saved in their user preferences.


The ability to configured the entire system to tagname nomenclature provides a better user experience, improves collaboration and allows the customer to develop applications with familiar tagnames.


User persona(s): Customer user accounts.


Use cases:


  • User case 1: A case requires the customer to view an analysis trend within a case. The trend shows non-alias tagnames. The customer doesn’t recognize the tagnames and becomes frustrated.
  • User Case 2: GE creates default dashboards using turbine nomenclature. Once the alias tags are assign and the “Default tags button is enable” the user will see only the Alias tags.
  • User Case 3: Customer and GE support collaborate on a case, each sees respective tagnames but has the option to flip by enabling “Alias tag button”
  • Donald Damour
  • Jul 28 2017
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  • Galen Johnson commented
    August 1, 2017 18:47

    Agreed that this is a key requirement. Essentially need to have the option to show the Asset Hierarchy (list of tags & tag groups) using customer nomenclature (Tag Alias). Toby and Bhanu to follow-up with Sekhar and see if this is already planned for Q3/Q4. If not, need to get prioritized.