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Visualization: Option to Toggle On/Off Multiple Y Axis

Right now, every time you plot a tag with a diff UOM, it creates a new axis. It shouldn’t automatically apply the multi Y access because if you have more than 6 different units, it won’t plot the tags. Would prefer to have the option to select or turn on this functionality rather than having it automatically applied. 

  1. Have an option to toggle on and off the multiple y axis
  2. Reasoning:
    • Ops summary will have that many tags to plot (use case)
    • Need to show a bunch of parameters to see how units are running
    • (min requirement 40 tags per chart)
    • its more about being able to plot more than 6 different units of measure on the same chart
  • Bhanu Kumar Sirineni
  • Jul 20 2017
  • Shipped
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