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Additional Columns on Asset Audit Log

  1. As an M&D Admin, I can go to the ‘from’ column and quickly revert the information
    • If something was changed, I can go and filter the audit log based on the ‘from’ value
    • I can also search by the "to" value
    • For instance: Someone comes to the admin and says “hey this property value was gt1 and now it is gt5”
      • Need to find out what happened and who did the change (filtering by the from value)
    • Avoids Added Steps to parse the ‘from’ and ‘to’ values in the detail string (currently you have to hover over the detail string to look for those values)
  1. The context column shall display in which context the action was made:
    1. Ex: Stored procedure, web client, API, etc
  • Bhanu Kumar Sirineni
  • Jul 17 2017
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