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Ability to add monetary cost to a case

The ability to add monetary cost to a case allows the customer to understand the cost add of APM.

Each closed case might have a monetary cost bases on the details of the solution. The case owner should be able to select a predetermine values bases on the assets. The predetermine values are determine by M&D with known cost associated with a save, for example trip reduction is 150K.


The case owner selects the “saves” criteria like Trip reduction, compressor failure, ect. A monitory value is shown, please allow the ability to edit this value  - these values are great talking points between the customer and Customer Success Mangers.

  • Donald Damour
  • Jul 9 2017
  • Already exists
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  • Galen Johnson commented
    September 25, 2017 19:30

    Saves and Assists are recorded by M&D Analysts in the Alerts, but are only viewable internally through a special permission set.