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Add Customer Contact Number to Alert Details

For an M&D Center, it would be very helpful to have a parameter defined in the Asset for "Customer Contact Number". This could be set to any customer phone number that is relevant for high-priority Alerts (urgent customer contact). The phone number would then appear in the Alert Details for an Analyst to view.

  • Galen Johnson
  • Apr 24 2017
  • Shipped
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  • Admin
    Bhanu Kumar Sirineni commented
    April 26, 2017 19:59

    We have the capability in asset model today to use one of the custom attributes for customer contact phone number. however, should it show up in alerts? If yes, then it has to be built as part of the alert profile/template

  • Admin
    Bhanu Kumar Sirineni commented
    April 26, 2017 20:05

    Spoke to Lucas and promoted it to a feature as this could bring a big productivity saving particularly in cases of a trip